Nature and wildlife guides

In the Kvarken World Heritage area you can choose between various guided tours. Book a guide and have an outstanding experience in the Kvarken archipelago!

Gaia Events
Guided expeditions in different types of nature. Certified World Heritage guide.

Hans Hästbacka
Biologist, archipelago and fishing guide

Ingves & Svanbäck
Guided bus tours from Vaasa to Björköby.

Kompassrosen/ Jukka-Pekka Heinonen
Guided trips in the Kvarken archipelago, lighthouse tours, canoe rentals etc.

Kvarken Guides osk
Guided trips in the Kvarken archipelago all year around

Kvarken Relax
+358 (0)40 558 6058
Guided tours in the Kvarken World Heritage area

Kvarkens Vildmarks- och naturguider rf
Wildlife and nature guides

Guided fishing and nature tours etc.

Neptune Service
World Heritage guide

Boat Taxi

Pentti Kananoja
+358 (0)50 3221 615
Nature guide

Pesca Mare/ Carina Rönn
Guided fishing trips and nature tours

Skärgårdsturer (Vesa Heinonen)
+358 (0)500 996 927
World heritage guide

Tmi Tatu Nevala
World heritage guide


Ann-Sofi Backgren
+358 (0)50 522 2642
Guide and World Heritage ambassador for the Kvarken Archipelago


Anita Storm
+358 (0)40 741 9261
Guide - school camps - natural food

Botnia Events
Customized events etc.

Education & Outdoor Service
Guided tours and expeditions by canoeing, skiing etc.

+358 (0)50 557 1971

Elisabeth Backman
+358 (0)50 557 5314

Henrik Fågelbärj
+358 (0)50 596 0365


Inzwa Nordic & African Safaris

+358 40 9359 104

+358 50 3093 070

Nature guiding and tasty food experiences in the Kvarken World Heritage Archipelago.

Jussi Mendelin
+358 (0)44 345 5065
Guided trips from Västerö in Maxmo archipelago

Kim Kurenmaa (AWAY)
+358 (0)50 553 2338

Korsnäs Guider rf
+358 (0)50 369 4538
Certified guides

Maritta Nurmi
Tel +358 (0)50 325 9920
Guided tours in the Kvarkens archipelago

Outback / Johnny Norrgård
Tel +358 (0)50 581 1710
Certified guide
Guided tours in Swedish and English in the Kvarken archipelago

Peter Söderqvist (Touring Partner)
+358 (0)500 162 120
Guided bus tours for organizations etc.

Timo Lumme/ Villa Bullerås
Södra Vallgrund
Guided tours in the Kvarken archipelago

Vasa - Korsholm guider rf
Guided tours in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French and Russian.

Guided tours in the Kvarken archipelago

Vörå-Oravais-Maxmo Guider rf
+358 (0)20 761 6395
Certified guides