The Mickelsörarna Nature Station is located on the island of Kummelskär, in the archipelago of Vörå municipality, about 20 km north of the Köklot fishing harbor. The nature station can only be reached by boat.

The coastguard operated on the island of Kummelskär from 1950 to 1993. Nowadays Metsähallitus manages the former coastguard station, which has been renovated and transformed into a nature station. There is also a 2 km long nature trail guiding the visitor through the variable archipelago nature.

The archipelago of Mickelsörarna is vast and it consists of more than 300 islands and islets. The largest islands are called Källskär and Villskär. Rocky and deep beaches are typical for the area. The fish stock and bird life of the flades and gloes are diverse. Completely untouched forest nature occurs sparsely, but new land surface appear constantly as a result of the rapid, geological land uplift. Gradually, new and untouched forest starts to grow on the uplifted land.

The Mickelsörarna archipelago had permanent residents from 1830 until the 1980’s. At the most, 35 persons lived on the island of Villskäret, mainly in the largest group of houses on the island, which is called “Gårdarna”.

Opening hours 2017 of Kummelskär's cafe and nature station

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