Fäliskäret, which is located about 40 kilometers west of Vaasa, is the centre point of the Rönnskär archipelago. Fäliskäret used to be the centre of the Kvarken pilot operations from 1752 to 1983. The new station was constructed in 1966. When pilot operations ended in 1983, The Coast guard took over the buildings.

In 1997 the ownership of the whole island, along with its buildings, was taken over by Metsähallitus. Nowadays, the old dwellings are rented out to boat clubs, diving companies and other visitors. There are two rooms for rent, with room for 4 persons each. Even the old dock building near the beach is renovated and there is room for 8 persons. For more information about renting the rooms, contact Metsähallitus at +358 40 595 5114.

The red daymark, which was constructed in the 1784, is the oldest wooden daymark left in Finland. The archipelago of Rönnskär consists of hundreds of islands and islets. The birdlife on these islands is very rich. The rocky and naked islets are great nesting places for Auks, Black Guillemots and Arctic Terns, whereas Velvets Duck, Red-breasted Mergansers, as well as the rarer Greater Scaups thrive in the more sheltered areas.

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