The island group of Valsörarna is located in the archipelago of Kvarken, about 15 km Northwest of Björkö. The largest island consists of two islands, Ebbskäret and Storskäret, which have grown together as a result of land uplift. In the old cultural landscape you can still find signs of the inhabitant´s of Björköby and light house keepers’ haymaking and livestock. For centuries, Valsörarna was the most important fishing stronghold for its residents. Since 1948 Valsörarna have been a protected area for birds. The already protected Björkögrundet, became a part of the mutual protection area in the 1977, and this is how the Valsörarna-Björkögrundet conservation area was born. It consists of 600 hectare of land and 17 200 hectare of water. Björkö skifteslag owns the land in the area.

The land sign of Valsörarna was built in 1886 and it is a 36 meter high, red colored iron lighthouse. The lighthouse was automated in 1964 and after that it has been unmanned. The former coast guard station in Ebbskäret has been in use from 1984 till 2009, but the history of the coastguards in Valsörarna dates back to the 1940’s. The station´s operation ended in 2009, and nowadays the area of Valsörarna is guarded by the coast guard station of Södra Vallgrund.

The bird life in the archipelago is very rich. Furthermore, great amounts of birds pass by the conservation area during their spring- and autumn migration, and use it as their resting place. The bird watching station, owned by an association of natural sciences called the Osthrobothnia Australis ry.

You can explore the variable nature of Valsörarna along the nature- and culture trail. One way, the length of the nature trail is 2, 5 km. The part which goes through the birch forest is more commonly known as “the Trail of Love”.

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