• 06.05.2019

    The World Heritage Gateway Opens for the Summer Season

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  • 06.03.2019

    Opening of the World Heritage Gateway – Start Your Journey to the World Heritage

    Now it is time for the opening of the World Heritage Gateway located by the Replot bridge. The brand-new exhibition Weichsel and the info point Littorina tell the story of the World Heritage; how the Ice Age, land uplift, waves and ice have affected the scenery of the archipelago and... Read more

  • 08.02.2019 is a new map for mariners

    Will your boat trip take you past any places of interest? Where are the nearest guest harbours? What will the weather conditions be like for sailing? Has any cyanobacteria been spotted in the sea near your holiday home? For the answers to these questions and many more, visit, a... Read more

  • 25.06.2018

    Fallen trees at Kvarken’s nature trails

    Due to the storm during Midsummer, several trees have fallen on the nature trails at Kvarken Archipelago, especially at Björko-Panike hiking trail and Bodvattnet nature trail. The fallen trees are going to be cleared shortly. Read more

  • 30.10.2017

    Satisfied visitors in the Kvarken Archipelago

    A visitor survey was conducted in the Kvarken Archipelago during summer 2017. Topics in the questionnaire varied from knowledge about World Heritage to outdoor services in the area. The visitors, who answered, were generally very satisfied with the area, even if they also gave plenty of developing ideas. Read more

  • 08.09.2017

    Grundstensmurning av Världsarvsporten

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  • 27.09.2016

    The Nordic World Heritage Association founded in Thingvellir, Iceland

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  • 26.08.2015

    The association Världsarvet i Kvarken is moving to Rewell Center

    The World Heritage Association for Kvarken Archipelago is moving to the absolute centre of Vaasa.  Read more

  • 05.08.2015

    The last cruises and trips in the Kvarken World Heritage Cruise this summer

    The Lighthouse of Valsörarna Read more

  • 04.08.2015

    A Day in the Korsholm Achipelago

    A Day in the Archipelago Read more

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