• 04.07.2017

    Kummelskär's opening hours 2017

    The café/kiosk and the nature station at the island of Mickelsörarna are open for the summer! Read more

  • 03.05.2017

    The printed World Heritage Guide for Kvarken har been published in four languages

    There are many places to visit in the Kvarken archipelago. Bring your family and visit the observation tower Saltkaret in Svedjehamn, Björköby, and hike along the naturetrail Bodvattnet. Or take a boat trip to the rockiest archipelago in the world?! Read more

  • 27.09.2016

    The Nordic World Heritage Association founded in Thingvellir, Iceland

    Read more

  • 26.08.2015

    The association Världsarvet i Kvarken is moving to Rewell Center

    The World Heritage Association for Kvarken Archipelago is moving to the absolute centre of Vaasa.  Read more

  • 05.08.2015

    The last cruises and trips in the Kvarken World Heritage Cruise this summer

    The Lighthouse of Valsörarna Read more

  • 04.08.2015

    A Day in the Korsholm Achipelago

    A Day in the Archipelago Read more

  • 24.07.2015

    Take part in Kvarken Archipelago related survey and you have a chance to win a prize!

    How should the Kvarken Archipelago be developed in your opinion? Answer to 9 questions and take part in a lottery where you can win one of many Kvarken Archipelago related products. It takes only 10 minutes to answer the survey. Your answers are important to us!Please answer by 21 August 2015. Read more

  • 08.06.2015

    World Heritage Bus - A trip by bus and boat to the Kvarken Archipelago

    Read more

  • 16.12.2014

    Do you agree?

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has launched a new website, World Heritage Outlook, where assessments of the state of conservation of the world´s natural heritage sites have been published. Read more

  • 10.12.2014

    The Kvarken archipelago poster was in the top ten!

    Read more

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