• 30.06.2014

    Cruise to Molpehällorna

    This Thursday, on July 3rd, you can go on a World Heritage cruise to Molpehällorna. Read more

  • 24.06.2014

    The Björkö passport is now available for purchase!

    The Björkö passport guides you through the nature and cultural history of the Björkö village with departure from Svedjehamn, where you can also rent a World Heritage bicycle. The passport is available for purchase at Mårtes gårdsmuseum and the local grocery store Lilla Butiken in Björköby, and at Café Salteriet... Read more

  • 23.06.2014

    Rent a bicycle to get around the Kvarken World Heritage area!

    Now you can rent a World Heritage bicycle and easier get around the Kvarken World Heritage area. The bicycles are available for rent at Café Salteriet in Björköby, Sommaröhallen in Södra Vallgrund and at Restaurant Strand-Mölle in Molpe. Read more

  • 11.06.2014

    Midsummer cruise in the Kvarken archipelago!

    Celebrate the brightest day of the year by cruising in the World Heritage area. The cruise includes a boat ride from Västerö to Mickelsörarna, a guided tour on the boat, as well as on land, a meal in the wild and a midsummer wake. Read more

  • 09.06.2014

    A change regarding the registration to Wildflowers day

    Read more

  • 01.11.2013

    TV2 1.11. 2013 program "Erätulilla"

    TV2 1.11. 2013 program "Erätulilla": Petteri Saario's document "Veden saartamat" Read more

  • 18.09.2013

    Vaasa Nature Film weeks

    In September Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival organizes a two week long film event with world class nature films, some of which have never been shown before. We will also show local nature and culture documents made by children and youth in our media education project. Read more

  • 13.09.2013

    The SOUV for Kvarken and High Coast in published!

    UNESCO´s World Heritage Committee decided in 2007 that all World Heritage State parties should have a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value (SOUV) approved by the committee. A SOUV is a written statement, which describes the unique values on which the site was nominated a World Heritage site. Read more

  • 24.07.2013

    The marine biologists are inventorying again this summer

    Metsähallitus marine biologists are again inventorying the ocean floor in the World Heritage area this summer. Inventories are done by videofilming the ocean floor, as well as diving under water, with the purpose of studying the vegetation and type of seafloor in different areas. Read more

  • 04.07.2013

    Check out the beautiful short-movie about Kvarken

    Check out the beautiful short-movie From Stone to Stone – the Kvarken – Archipelago of the Rising Stones which has won prizes at the Platina Woldfest in Houston, Tourfilm Riga and the World Media Festival in Hamburg. Read more

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