Opening of the World Heritage Gateway – Start Your Journey to the World Heritage

World Heritage Gateway
Now it is time for the opening of the World Heritage Gateway located by the Replot bridge. The brand-new exhibition Weichsel and the info point Littorina tell the story of the World Heritage; how the Ice Age, land uplift, waves and ice have affected the scenery of the archipelago and the inhabitants’ lives through-out millennia.

– We are proud to welcome everyone to the new exhibition at the World Heritage Gateway, rejoice the World Heritage Coordinator Susanna Lindeman and the Executive Director Kenth Nedergård. We celebrate the opening first with invited guests on Friday the 8th of March from 15:00 to 17:00, and from 17:00 onwards, the celebration continues with the general public. During the weekend, the exhibition is open for everyone interested without entrance free between 11:00 and 17:00. The Art Gallery Arte Mare and Berny’s Restaurant and Cafe are in the same premises.

– The World Heritage Gateway is a milestone in the development of the World Heritage, and we have achieved this state with fruitful collaboration with tens of different actors, emphasises Rurik Ahlberg, the Chief Executive of the Municipality of Korsholm. The World Heritage Status is a strong, global brand, which enhances the areas competitiveness and offers a world-class local environment while attracting visitors from all over the world.

The Kvarken Archipelago is Finland’s only Natural World Heritage on Unesco’s World Heritage List and a joint site together with the High Coast in Sweden. Our World Heritage crosses the boundaries of munici-palities, languages, administration and even the national boundaries. Thus, our World Heritage truly sup-ports Unesco’s goal to promote peace and international collaboration.

The World Heritage Site of High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago is the best place in the world to experience and understand the land uplift caused by the last Ice Age. Therefore, Unesco selected this area for the exclusive crowd of just over 1000 locations in the world, of which only about 200 are Natural Heritage Sites.


Further information

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Susanna Lindeman


Parks and Wildlife Finland

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Rurik Ahlberg

Municipality of Korsholm

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