The Kvarken archipelago poster was in the top ten!







The Kvarken World Heritage and Metsähallitus participated in the International Ocean Research Conference (IORC) on November 17tth to 21st in Barcelona, Spain, where the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and the Oceanography Society convened to discuss and plan future international cooperation in marine science and technology. The participating actors came from over 70 different countries and included decision-maker, planners and researchers.

Among the 197 presented posters the conference committee chose the top ten posters. These posters will, in a symbolic manner, travel around the world during the Barcelona World Ocean Race.

The Kvarken World Heritage/Metsähallitus poster presents the different methods used by Metsähallitus for the last eight years, for inventorying marine environments. Some of the results are presented using maps. The Kvarken World Heritage site is one of few locations where all these four methods have been used.

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