The Kvarkens archipelago was listed on the World Heritage list in July 2006. After the listing the responsible authorities have analysed the obligations that come with a World Heritage status and how to build up a functional management organisation. The Ministry of the Environment is in charge of the World Heritage on national level and Metsähallitus (Forestry Board) has the regional level liability. In order to co-ordinate the World Heritage administration Metsähallitus has summoned a regional World Heritage steering committee.

The work towards becoming a World Heritage site started already 10 years ago. During these years regional authorities, municipalities and organisations have worked together in preparing the application and establishing the idea of a World Heritage Site with the locals. Becoming a World Natural Heritage is a voluntary action and should therefore be well connected in all interest groups.

The World Heritage Site streches over 5 municipalities; Korsholm, Vaasa, Vörå, Malax and Korsnäs. The World Heritage Site is 194 400 ha of which 85% is sea. Most of the land is privately owned (94%) and 57,5% of the water is privately owned.