Insects and other invertebrates

On beaches there are many different insects and other invertebrates. Some of them may be bound to a particular host plant, such as some leaf beetles that only live on purple loosestrife and meadow sweet. Thus, there are different species on a beach depending on which plants grow there. On exposed stony beaches, there are many sun-loving ground insects; and in the more sheltered bays with meadows, many flower-loving insects thrive, e.g. several species of hoverflies and butterflies. The older forests teem with insects. Many beetles are dependent on dead or decaying wood. It also applies to the more unusual Xestia sincera.

Kvarken has a rich spider fauna. For example, 200 species of spiders have been found on Valsörarna! Besides the most common spider species we have in Finland, some rarities have also been discovered. For example, the rare cobweb weaver species Crustulina sticta have been located within the World Heritage area on Valsörarna as early as the 1950s. Unlike other places, where it lives in the wetter areas, it thrives here among the rocks on the moraine islands in Kvarken. In Valsörarna a species of ground spider, Poecilochroa variana, has also been discovered. The spider likes sun and heat, and therefore it essentially has a more southern area of distribution. But with the sunny weather in Kvarken, it can still be found this far north.

Image 1: Crustulina sticta


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