Visit Kvarken

Serenity and the gentle hum of the sea. Soft grey tones and shimmering widths of ice and water. Boulders that have been here long before us and will be here for generations to come. Wind. Birdlife.

The Kvarken Archipelago is the only Finnish natural heritage on UNESCO's World Heritage ListThe Kvarken Archipelago  form a transboundary World Natural Heritage site together with the High Coast in Sweden. The World Heritage Site is also part of a global family of 46 Marine World Heritage Sites.

There is room to breathe in our sunny and barren archipelago. Let the tender sea breeze sweep your troubles and worries away. Enjoy here and now, all year round.

We received the World Heritage status because our area is the best place in the world to witness the phenomenon of land uplift.The Kvarken Archipelago possesses a genuine geological value since the rapid rate of the land uplift is one of the highest observed worldwide. Further, the archipleago, together with the High Coast, is a key area for understanding the processes of land uplift caused by the melting of the ice sheet during the last ice age. Unique traces, or glacial depositional landforms, of the ice age can also be observed in the Kvarken archipelago, as De Geer-moraines and Ribbed-moraines. These landforms add to the variety of the landscape in the region.

The movie "High meets low", tells you more about the High Coast and Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area.